Dear Boaters,

As most of you have heard, we are having a return of the high water levels seen in 2017. Until recently, the predictions were not so bad, but over the past week the level has continued to rise and is now forecast to come very close to the levels of 2017. As a result, the marina is taking steps to mitigate the impact on boaters. Temporary ramps are being installed to maintain access to the docks and markers are being put up to denote pathways in flooded areas. Throughout the flooding the marina intends to remain open and all boaters will be accommodated as best we can. If there are any concerns please reach out to us so we can address any issues that arise. For everyone visiting the marina, we ask that you exercise extreme caution on the property and avoid flooded areas where possible. In spots along the shoreline ground may be compromised and can not be fully assessed until water levels recede. We ask that everyone stay back from closed off areas and not cross into fenced off areas. For boaters docked on the north shore a temporary path has been marked off to avoid the flooded road.

Anyone with dock boxes or other personal belongings stored near the shore line should move their items to higher ground. There is now a risk that loose materials will come in contact with the water and in some cases float away creating new hazards.

The good news is the marina has every intention of remaining open and the long weekend is upon us. The weather is improving after a cool, wet spring and its time to have some fun.

The Season Opener party is set for June 1st and Mama Rae and Her Bad Decisions will be here to kick off the season right. Come join us at the Upper Deck where the music starts at 8 pm and dancing is inevitable.

We look for ward to seeing everyone on the island for the Victoria Day weekend and look forward to a great season.


Your TIM Team